Don't all dating agencies make out there are unique, the best, No1, etc. We'll find JUST one other professional introduction that will match this promise in writing and we will send you £200.



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We were set up in 1985 to provide the highest quality dating service in the UK. We however are a waste of money for some people so we are honest enough to tell you before wasting your money joining.

That is why we do not take ages 18 to 80, any size, fat or thin, any height. We only take members we believe our service is going to be successful for.


For Men:

You must have a solid professional occupation ie. a solicitor, doctor etc and at least the equivalent of a degree qualified teacher. Or you may not be formally qualifies but own a substantial business and have degree of culture about you. So even if you earn £3K a week but your interests are darts, fishing and drinking, our members would not date you so it would be waste of your money. We have attractive slim intelligent ladies who are looking for their life partners, and expect men to a minimum standard. So guys we work for genuinely single guys ( not still playing the field or tied to looking after their mother, strong successful at what they do with a caring side to their nature. Our ladies can find cold weak or deceitful men on their own, they don't need us for more dates like that. You should be at least 5ft 6ins tall, aged 28 to 59, not still living with your parents and ready to find a lifetime partner to settle down with. If you wish to date ladies under the age of 38 then 90% + will be looking for children, if you are not, then either date ladies with children already, or aged over 38. As any quality dating agency that interviews their clients we always have more ladies than me, so we spoil you. Indeed if we do not date you with two of the classiest, siim intelligent ladies you have ever dated with 4 weeks of joining we will refund all your membership fee. For full details see: www.ecvip.co.uk Many agencies let men join free, after seeing the ladies they date you with we fully understand why they allow you to join free, with us you pay exactly the same membership fees as our ladies - because they are worth it.


For Ladies:


We attract successful men that have been screened out with the most intensive interview in our industry. We screen out players, weak or "sweet" men, guys not really looking to settle down yet etc., So they expect to meet high quality ladies to date. So our service is very poor for certain ladies and rather than waste your money we will spell out who it does not work for. The most single important factor to how successful we will be is your age. After the age of 28 the younger the better. We accept ladies aged 24 to 44. The problem after that is many of our clients will decline to date ladies aged over 44 and as 90%+ of our men are hoping to start a family you can understand why. Physical appearance is still very important, don't blame men it is the way god made them, so you need to be sexually attractive and with a slim figure. The problem for professional women is that the more successful they become academically or materially, the less men can match their lifestyle and of course normal guys do not need you to be at the same level as themselves. The competition gets horrendous as ladies get above 38 as there are two professional unattached ladies for every guy in the UK and the men are now getting very age sensitive when choosing a life partner. It is probalble that a male hospital consultant will have at least 25 times more choice of a partner than a 38 female consultant. Ladies the boot is on the other foot when you are 18 to 33 and then the balance starts to tip. Even at 21 there is the start of a problem as 60% of grauates in the UK are female which meand 30% more women than men (unless you will settle for car park attendant?) At 24 you are not aware of the problem as you can always date older than yourself which gives you wide choice of guys. By the time you reach 35 however, at least 50% of the good guys are no longer available, which means a far larger % of nerds, mean, cold, possessive cheats are still available. (that's what we're screening out for). Have you noticed how the "good guys" chasing you are married - that means they are cheats deceitful give them the elbow.


We are here to give all clients the best selection af dates so they can find the most special thing in life a soulmate with which to share it.


The way forward.


Option 1

Treat yourself to a 2 hour one-to-one course on how to get your own dates, Cost £195 with an absolute gusrantee that if you do not find this course life changing tell us and we will refund 50% of the fee to charity |( never happenned yet).

For men how to approach any woman without the slightest chance of rejection, get dates and make a wow impression with her on a first date.

Ladies, where to go to attract the sort of men you want (losers find you) how to make him notice you, give out the signals so he will approach you and if he as much as winks at you how to turn it into a date.


Option 2


For ladies aged 38 to 60 join Executive Parties as a social member and attend drinks and dinner parties at London's top venues, The Ritz, Le Gavroche, The Ivy etc. Cost £140 for life membership full details see: www.executiveparties.co.uk


Option 3

Join a good dating agency. If you fall outside of the requirements of The Executive Club of St James', you are welcome to call us on 0207 930 5555 and we will recommend the best agency we know of for you (we never accept kickbacks as we are free to recommend for the right reasons and it avoids wasting your money on agencies a little short of useless who who can affect reputation of the finest agencies.)

If you meet the membership criteria of The Executive Club, then visit the main website at www.thematchmaker.co.uk and read the FAQ's well then call for an appointment, If you can't be bothered to read the FAQ's section before calling we will not arrange an interview.


Option 4

Carry on with what you're doing now, and choose the best loser before while he's still available as the government office of National Statistics predics 40% of all women in the UK aged 50 and above will remain single until they die. We would estimate 75% af all professional women aged just 39 will remain single as there is a shortage of men and the ones that can match their lifestyle have a huge choice of ladies from aged 29 to whatever age they choose.